2016 Past Exhibitions

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Sandi Miot: The Medium is the Muse

December 10 - January 8
Main Gallery
Reception: December 10, 2-4pm

A retrospective consisting of 17 years of working in the medium of encaustic by Sandi Miot. Encaustic is primarily beeswax and pigment and can be used in a variety of ways in painting and sculpture. The work chronicles a journey of exploration in this exciting ancient medium. See more at sandimiot.com.


Featured Creatures

December 10 - January 8
Ron Collins Gallery
Reception: Sunday, December 11, 4-6pm

A curated exhibition with Alchemia, organized for individuals with disabilities. Alchemia provides opportunities for adults with disabilities to share their creative passions. They offer programs ranging from drama, dance, puppetry, media arts, writing, painting, ceramics, and fiber arts to volunteer work, job placements, and mentorships.


Fall National Juried Exhibition

October 29 - December 4
Main Galleries
Reception: October 29, 5-7pm

The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art announces the Fall National Juried Exhibition. Juror Susan Snyder, of Caldwell Snyder Gallery in San Francisco, chose 51 artists who applied from 31 states. This exhibit presents a thought-provoking survey of figurative and representational imagery, expressed through a variety mediums, including paint, photography, mixed media and sculpture. Artists from around the country continue to push and explore contemporary art in a variety of ways, and MarinMOCA is pleased to present this exhibit.

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Waste Not: The Art of Recology

October 29 - December 4
Ron Collins Gallery
Reception: October 29, 5-7pm

Experience the ingenuity and innovation of artists working with recycled materials. This is a group exhibit featuring some of the over 150 artists who have participated in the Recology Artist in Residence Program in San Francisco. Painted, drawn, cut, torn, sewn, welded or stuffed, the variety of work is reflective of the materials found and the particular concepts or methods of interest by each artist. The Recology Artist in Residence Program in San Francisco is a unique art and education program that provides Bay Area artists with the rare opportunity to access and create contemporary art from discarded materials at the Recology San Francisco Transfer Station.


Emerging Artists of Northern California

September 10 - October 23
All Galleries
Reception: September 10, 5-7pm

Artists Panel on Saturday Sept 24th at 3pm, in the West Wing of the Novato Community Center. Panel moderated by Executive Director Heidi LaGrasta and Rena Bransten.

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art is pleased to announce its seventh annual Emerging Artists of Northern California exhibit. Juror Rena Bransten of Rena Bransten Gallery chose the following five artists, each unique in their use of materials and imagery: Robin Apple, Mark Bauer, Kathryn Cirincione, Rachel Major and Dave Matthews. Age is not a factor with this Emerging Artists Exhibit, instead the focus is on artists exhibiting a strong sense of curiosity and exploration via their art practice.

Robin Apple

Mark Bauer

Kathryn Cirincione

Rachel Major

Dave Matthews


Juried Artists of MarinMOCA Member Show

July 23 - August 28
All Galleries
Reception: July 23

MarinMOCA is a unique non-collecting museum that provides a supportive venue for artists and inspires the community. We invite our over 170 artist members to fill both the Main Gallery and the Ron Collins Gallery. This is always a diverse and inspiring show.

1st Place
Love Seat, Zen Du
2nd Place
Aquamarine, Gold and Kelp, Gloria Matuszewski
3rd Place
Boxed Window, Ruth Petersen Shorer
Honorable Mention
Mechanical Gesture, Willow Banks
When the Music Started, Jean Clarke Fisher
A Morning to Remember, Kathy Gray
Cyclops, Jonathan Hyman
Canyon Crease, Bob Justice
The Answer, Patricia Leeds
Genisis, P.K. Margis
Dark Matters, Lee Nisbet
Off Season - Abandoned Trains, Myra Nissim
Signifier, Doug Wilson

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Summer National Juried Exhibition

June 11 - July 17
Main Gallery
Reception: June 11, 5-7 pm
Brian Gross of Brian Gross Fine Art will give a talk at the reception

Summer is coming and MarinMOCA welcomes the season with the Summer National Juried Exhibition. Juror Brian Gross of Brian Gross Fine Art in San Francisco, selected 49 artworks from a total of 1286 entries from 26 states. Artwork in a variety of mediums are represented with a strong presentation of abstract explorations. This survey exhibit shows us how artists explore abstraction from minimalism and formal grid-like color fields to more intuitive, emotion-based content. Process and artistic investigations are inspired by a myriad of sources, both external and internal.

1st Place
Magical Thinking, Rik Ritchey
2nd Place
Self Portrait In Absentia, Elizabeth Barlow
3rd Place
Half Right, Mark Bauer
Honorable Mention
Approach, Eileen P. Goldenberg
Empty Pockets, Archie Held
October’s End, Onna Hui
Matchbox War is Ended, Kelsey Irvin
Memento Mori, Sandra McHenry
Sensitivity, Szilvia Revesz
Vibeful and Joybrant, Kimberly Rowe
Untitled, Orly Ruaimi
Galleon on Red Sea, Bill Russell
Crime Scene: 10PM, Judy Lipman Shechter & David Shechter
Untitled, Joni Marie Theodorsen

Exhibiting Artists
Jizell Albright
Elizabeth Barlow
Mark Bauer
Zel Brook
Nancy Brown
Mary Burger
Cheryl Carter
Will Clift
Brian Cluer
Jacqueline Duclos
Lisa Espenmiller
Roy Forest
Erik Friedman
Eileen P. Goldenberg
Archie Held
Tammie Hildreth
Ann Holsberry
Onna Hui
Kelsey Irvin
Hall Jameson
Chris Justice
Genevieve L'Heureux
Carol Ladewig
Pablo Manga
Gloria Matuszewski
Sandra McHenry
mOT+To mOT+To
Airiel Mulvaney
Ursula Pedersen
Szilvia Revesz
Rik Ritchey
Kimberly Rowe
Orly Ruaimi
Bill Russell
Deborah Salomon
Ari Salomon
Judy Lipman Shechter
David Shechter
William Sievert
Laurie Szujewska
Myrna Tatar
Karen Theisen
Joni Marie Theodorsen
Rodney Weiss
Keith Wilson
Sara Yerkes


Suzanne Golt & Kristin Meuser

June 11 - July 17
Ron Collins Gallery
Reception: June 11

In recognition of their artistic achievement, MarinMOCA artists Suzanne Golt and Kristin Meuser were awarded this paired exhibition for winning first place in MarinMOCA’s 2015 member shows.

“Superman Meets Wonderwoman” Suzanne Golt

“Warm Day” Kristin Meuser

7th Annual Altered Book & Book Arts Exhibition

April 23 - June 4
All Galleries
Opening Reception: April 23, 5-7 pm
Rhiannon Alpers Book Arts Talk: April 23, 4-5pm at Hamilton Community Center (across the street)
Live Auction Closing Party: June 4, 5-7:30 pm

Artists use the book as a springboard for artistic expression in this popular exhibit for all ages.

All artworks are offered in a silent auction running from April 23 through June 4 at MarinMOCA. Viewers have seven weeks to carefully admire each piece of art and determine their bids. On June 4, they will be auctioned off to the highest bidder in a Live Auction Closing Party from 5 to 7:30 pm. The last night ends with hors d'oeuvres, raffle prizes, and a live auction of selected pieces from the exhibition.

This event supports the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art’s ongoing exhibitions and community programs. The Altered Book Show exemplifies MarinMOCA’s ongoing mission to connect art and artists with the greater community.

We are thrilled to announce that we have again received a $15,000 grant from the Donald O. and Ronald R. Collins Fund of the Marin Community Foundation. The grant was awarded to support MarinMOCA’s annual Altered Book fundraiser and is in honor of Eleanor Murray who championed the event seven years ago. The grant from the Collins Fund will be used to match all of the winning bids, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $15,000. This is a great opportunity to see the Bay Area’s vibrant book art scene and support MarinMOCA at the same time.


1st Place
Don’t Blame the Mirror, Ginger Burrell
Miss Havisham’s Wedding Day, Joan Nelson

2nd Place
Folio Consuti, Deborah Benioff Friedman

3rd Place
Fish out of Water, Mary Coman

Honorable Mention
Pulling Threads of Memory, Rhiannon Alpers
Mother of Exiles, Kathy Callaway
A Nonsense Anthology, Melissa Cistaro
Associations Lost, Patricia Drummond
Mixed Messages, Susan Friedman
Reader, Anne Gable
Letter to the World, Cie Gumicio
Secrets and Lies, Sandi Miot
A Bookish Folly, Eleanor Murray
Book Talk, Cecily O’Connor
Don’t Let Your Brain Get Rusty, Carine Rosenblatt
Asemic Studies, Fran Snyder
Untitled, Adrienne Suzio
Rooftops of the Forbidden City, Sandy Thomas
Rusty, Mark Wangberg

Special Recognition
MarinMOCA, A Place to Make Magic, Susan Larson
A Chronicle of My Homelessness, Michael McAfee

Donna Seager Award
Folio Consuti, Deborah Benioff Friedman

MarinMOCA thanks its generous supporters:


Travels with Phil: The Art of Cartoonist Phil Frank

February 27 - April 10, 2016
Main Gallery
Reception: February 27, 5-7 pm

Come explore the art and life of Cartoonist Phil Frank.

For this expansive exhibition, MarinMOCA will display Frank’s comic strips including the San Francisco-based “Farley” and nationally syndicated “The Elderberries” (written by Joe Troise), as well as a life size sculpture of Phil Frank and a recreation of his artist studio.

Phil’s artwork has illustrated materials for the de Young Museum, the S. F. City Treasurer, Small Business Bureau, minority businesses, BART, the San Francisco Giants, the San Francisco Water Conservation department, numerous regional utility companies and extensive educational materials for Yosemite National Park. This exhibition offers a look at the many sides and talents of this local treasure.


Ken Botto: Dark Worlds

February 27 - April 10, 2016
Ron Collins Gallery
Reception: February 27, 5-7 pm

A selection of works from the Bolinas photographer Ken Botto will be on exhibit in the Ron Collins Gallery.

Ken Botto collected miniatures, bones, and found objects to create tiny dioramas and then would photograph them in his backyard. He described himself in a 2000 biographical statement as “A hopeless collector, and like an urban anthropologist, I have spent much of my life rooting and sifting through the debris of our culture. Objects found through this process serve as catalysts and vehicles of possibility when reconstructing the environments that I set up to photograph.”

The subject matter of his works ranges from urban decay and 9/11 to Berlin and Barbie. His artworks are in permanent collections at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as well as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


Artists of MarinMOCA Member Show

January 16 - February 21, 2016
Main & Ron Collins Galleries
Reception: January 16, 5-7 pm

The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art invited its artist members to submit a piece of art based on the theme “Layers”. The artwork of over 90 artists is on display in this diverse show. The exhibition’s juror Maria Medua is the Director of the SFMOMA Artists Gallery. Join us at the opening reception on Saturday, January 16th from 5-7pm (500 Palm Dr, Novato) or during regular business hours from January 16 to February 21.

  • Layers
  • Layers
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Thirty-Six Views of the Bay Bridge
by David Garnick

December 12 - January 10, 2016
Main Gallery
Reception: December 12, 5-7 pm
Gallery Walk & Talk, December 13, 2 pm

David Garnick’s series of photographs, Thirty-Six Views of the Bay Bridge, is inspired by a long tradition of artists who work in series to investigate a subject from multiple vantage points. In the 1830’s Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai published Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, (a series of woodblock prints which includes the famous The Great Wave off Kanagawa, the first and best-known in the series). Garnick’s work carries on this tradition, with the Bay Bridge as his muse. The bridge is a constant visual anchor to life around it in his photographs, the iconic form sometimes dominating the landscape, at other times barely visible. Garnick’s technique for producing his series is digital, but his treatment of colors evokes the look of The Detroit Publishing Company’s photochrom postcards from the early 1900’s which grew out of the rich tradition of block printing. davidgarnick.photography

  • David Garnick
  • David Garnick
  • David Garnick
  • David Garnick
  • David Garnick

The American Car: A Family Portrait
by Gale S. McKee

December 12 - January 10, 2016
Ron Collins Gallery
Reception: December 12, 5-7 pm

Gale S. McKee’s exhibit titled The American Car: A Family Portrait is inspired by vintage photographs of families, couples, and even dogs standing in front of their cars. McKee enlarges each photo, prints it on canvas and then starts to imagine and create the life of the people in the photos. McKee uses acrylic paint in an attempt to recover the story of the lives in the photo. Some images are sentimental, while others venture into humor or fantasy. She says, “When I process these imaginings I realize how similar feelings of family and pride are a constant emotion in human lives and how transient we humans really are.” galesmckee.com

  • American Car
  • American Car
  • American Car
  • American Car
  • American Car