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Debra Maddox

Corte Madera, Ca.

My favorite medium is oil on canvas. I love using layers of oils to create depth and luminosity. Observing how light, shadow, color, and texture transform shapes and forms into aesthetic compositions, drives my desire to record what I see in the world around me.

My work consists of two components. One is visual and the other is emotional. Many of my paintings include figures – individuals in unguarded moments caught unaware, or figures in motion: dancers, swimmers, and cyclists.

The dancer series provides visual kinetic energy. The interaction of the subjects serves as a narrative for interpersonal relationships. The push and pull of the dance movements between two individuals remind us that relationships are precarious in nature, requiring a give and take interaction.

The water series celebrates the vibrant beauty of light refracting on top of the surface and beneath. Figures swimming under water enter into a realm of serenity and a meditative state. While the divers above the surface exemplify the exhilaration of motion and freedom.

My work has been collected throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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