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Alun Wyld

Novato, California

Animism is the belief that everything has a spirit and a consciousness, a soul, from the tiniest microorganism on earth to the great planets in the heavens to the whole of the universe itself. What I am attempting to show within my photographs and the philosophy of animism is there is no distinction between magic and mundane– all is magical and all is mundane simultaneously.

Born in CA, raised, in my early years in England.

Mentored by Anton Kaiser in Germany in the early 70's.

Attended the Academy of Art College, SF from 1976 - 1980

Worked with many studios in SF, mainly the Moulin Brothers of North Beach as an Architectural Photographer before striking out on my own.

Gave up/lost interest in photography for many years...too much bicycle racing.

Recently picked up the camera again (3 years ago) and am now very devoted to my art.

My Artwork

A Lesson With the Sleeping Philosopher

Alun Wyld

The Heart of the Beast

Alun Wyld