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Patricia Blau

San Rafael, CA

Her memories were deep, often wondrous, ultimately tragic, and finally reconciled. What's odd to all of us is that her memories no longer exist or if they do, they are fleeting. She knew that might be coming and so she painted and she painted and she painted. She told us who she was in off-kilter perceptions of her own reality so we could have her keen memories and observations in front of us for a lifetime.

Patricia Blau, known to her friends as Patty, is a painter, ceramics artist and former film executive. In the 1970s she pursued a degree in fine art with an emphasis in painting at Syracuse University. After college, however, she pursued a predictable income. In 1979, that pursuit led her to the Bay Area, where she worked for George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic for many years, eventually achieving the title of Vice President in Charge of Animation Development. During her years of working at ILM, Patty gradually spent more and more of her personal time in her home studio developing her painting style. She created large format paintings with a fish-eye lens view of the world, to smaller, intimate studies of whatever happened to catch her eye, where colors and objects were hyperbolic, but people and animals felt natural and evocative.

In 2003, Patty retired from the movie business to become a full-time artist. In 2014, Patty was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. She continued to paint until it became difficult to render faces to her satisfaction. Ceramics kept her busy until more recently, when that also proved to be too challenging. Today we honor Patty's wish to share her art with friends and art lovers alike. She continues to give us her passion for life through her art that still burns bright.

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