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Françoise Drouillet-Gilbert

Novato, CA

What is fascinating for me in a painting is that in a thin layer of paint, shapes and colors encapsulate emotions and ideas
that will remain forever in the hearts of its beholders. That liberation from time and space makes me delightfully dizzy.

I invite the viewer to walk with me experiencing a new reality.
I play with curves, negative spaces, and bold vibrant colors, hoping my painting can lead them to the very core of their own unique personality.

For a very long time, I was intimidated by great works of art, feeling my painting was unworthy, and it blocked me. Finally I realized I just had to accept what my inner self had to express, hoping it could be an outstretched hand to someone else’s emotions.

We have so many questions inside, I hope my art can take others to places they have never been before.

I have been painting ever since I can remember, and my first work on canvas happened in 1986, a portrait of my best friend that I still have. It instantly became a favorite way of expression. Today my style has evolved to bold colors and shapes, something forceful coming from the depth of myself that I have learned to accept as my signature. I work currently at my studio in the MOCA Art Center.

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