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sophia h. lee

san francisco, ca

I am a mixed-media artist.
My work is about creating the movement of organic forms and patterns inspired by
nature. Material curated from refuse often drives the approach of the projects I
pursue. Therefore, the medium is secondary to the intention. The man-made and natural world informs the themes, colors, and
composition in the work itself. As an artist of two cultural traditions, of the East and
West, I am constantly marrying the duality in my work. The calligraphic gestures of
traditional painting are my brush strokes, even when using bean pods, collecting
coffee lids, painting murals or weaving plastics. The beautiful facades of my layered
work hides my underlying anxiety, concern and love for the environment. Only upon closer examination can the hidden details be discovered.

Sophia Lee was born in Taipei, Taiwan and immigrated to Southern California at age
9. Growing up, she moves between the two places, learning languages and
crossing cultures. She first studied fashion design then switching to fine art/ painting
at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. She moved to New York
City and designed and illustrated book covers for St Martin’s Press.
When 911 happened, she put into motion her dream of wandering the world. It was
while she was in a museum in Kyoto, Japan that she realizes she can never stop
creating. Art is the essence of who she is. She has found her voice and there are
lots to say. Her first solo exhibit was held in Taipei, Taiwan in 2007, titled
Besides showing her work in galleries and other group shows in LA, Portland, NY
and the Bay Area, she also paints murals and installation projects.
Since NYC, she’s lived in LA, Taipei, Portland, Newport Beach, and now San
She recently completed her residency at Journal Building Artist Residency program
and is now part of the Electric Snail Studio in the mission district of San Francisco.
She also spends part of the year in southern california.

My Artwork

the space in between series

sophia lee

Under the ivy, entrance to a secret garden

sophia lee