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Dorit Winter

San Rafael, CA

Watercolor has always been my preferred medium. My trajectory has been somewhat conventional, starting with faithful copying of nature, then being inspired to render nature as I imagine it, then working with nature as abstraction. Simultaneously, my watercolor technique has changed from veil painting, through wet method watercolor painting, to occasionally applying pigment from the tube directly to the surface. In recent years I’ve started working with watercolor pigment on stretched canvas and am still discovering its vivid dimensionality and dynamic.

Born in Jerusalem, attended kindergarten in Zürich, primary school in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and junior and senior high schools in New York City.

MA in comparative literature from SUNY/Binghamton. Attended the Corcoran School of Art, and also studied with a number of painting teachers including Ted Mahle, Jennifer Thomson and Donald Hall.

Have taught a variety of subjects in the arts and humanities, including painting and art history, at the middle school, high school and adult levels. Now “retired,” I teach painting privately.

Also a writer, I've developed a method of creative writing that leans on my experience as a painter. 'Pictorial Writing' is a method I've shared with students of all ages over the past four decades. 'Fire the Imagination, Write On!' a practical primer on the pictorial writing method, was published in May, 2017.

'Train a Dog, Raise the Child; a practical primer,' a light-hearted yet sober pedagogical approach, was also published in May, 2017. Both books and various other publications available at

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