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Laurie Blessen

San Francisco, CA

A fellow artist found the words: COMPLEX MINIMALISM.
It perfectly describes me and my art. Like a dream I’m not always
sure what it is saying. Art making is similar. Intuition leads.

I follow. I watch. I listen.

The colors sometimes are about a person or place in time. It simply
speaks to me usually in early morning when I journal. I can TASTE
color. Physically and emotionally color is not unlike a piece of
music. This is what I want to share.

It’s from my journal that I find the two word titles. Why two?
Just seemed like just enough to arouse interest but not so much to
bore. Chosen RANDOMLY. Together tells my narrative. Intertwined
the inner landscapes appears.

Staying true. Stay the course. Commitment to AUTHENTICITY.

A born and bred Californian. Proud San Franciscan actually.

Creativity came at an early age. Designing puppet shows and forts of
grass trimmings, paint by numbers, resin casting, ceramics, even flower
pressing and decoupage. To my dads dismay I took over his garage
worktable. I had projects. Lots of projects that took me bicycling
down to the art supply store with my hard earned allowance in hand
excited to add a new color or paper.

I haven’t grown up. Same thrill today.

Later in life, I moved on to photography, tempera and gouache, collage,
relief and silkscreen. Supply list got longer. Formally trained as a
Graphic Designer. A hat I wore for many years. Always doing art. Just for me.
With color. Big fearless color.

Fast forward to the past five years I’ve put my painters’ eye on monotypes.
Using a large French American Tool press I named Bernadette. We meet
regularly. If we are apart too long there is a hole.

I am a prolific-passionate-person who must create.

Other than art animals have been a constant. Rabbit and Rats. Turtles and
Birds. And even Pollywogs. Today I wait for my puppy to be born. Her name
will be Scout (after To Kill a Mockingbird). Expectant mother I am.

Patience is not attribute of mine. Let me know if you would like a birth

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