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Peggy Sue Sebera

Petaluma, CA

I am primarily a landscape artist focusing on oil paintings of Norther California,
In 2019, after the hardships of drought and fires in Northern California, I turned my attention to the coolness of blues and turquoise to paint a series called "The Way of Water". This series was featured in a show at the Tides Converge Gallery at the Presidio in San Francisco. The show was entitled: "Earth, Air, Fire, Water - Balancing on the Edge"

Yes, we have a beautiful Mother.’ These words by Jennifer Breezen, in her album "Praises for the World", inspire and uplift me. It is my hope that my art will bring joy to others and convey the amazing beauty that is all around us here in Northern California and beyond.”

Peggy is a professional coach to individuals who are focusing on their vision for their work, their art or their team.

Simultaneously, she has emerged as a known artist in Sonoma County. Peggy is a juried member of Sonoma County Art Trails. She shows her work in wineries, restaurants, and galleries in Northern California from Mendocino County to Santa Clara County.

Her passion for the earth and the fullness of nature has been the center of her inspiration. Peggy’s colorful oil paintings are often of the landscapes of Northern California, Hawaii and Europe, painting "en plein aire" (outdoors in the fashion of Monnet and Van Gogh). “I am inspired by the dramatic moments in nature when there is movement in the light or moisture in the air"

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Peggy Sebera