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John Q McDonald

Pleasanton, CA

Inspired in part by modern landscape painters like Robert Bechtle, Gerhard Richter, Georgia O’Keefe and Edward Hopper, my oil paintings and drawings focus on the interaction between memory, the human-made and the natural in our landscape. Since I was very young, I have explored the depiction of architecture in prints and drawings, including the bold contrasts of wood block printing which I have emulated in a few high contrast oils. I am engaged by, and endeavor to capture, the unique quality of light found in the different places I’ve visited and inhabited, particularly the bright light of California and the West. I seek to express the manner in which the things we create, the places we build, establish their meaning and presence in our environment.

I was born in Everett, Massachusetts and have long held an interest in architecture and the depiction of architecture and other landscapes in models, photography, drawings and painting. I have been drawing and drafting since childhood, and painting in oils for over thirty years. I have a degree in astronomy and currently work at the University of California as a space flight engineer, having lived and worked also in Boston, San Diego and the Island of Hawaii.

My Artwork

Warming Hut, San Francisco

John McDonald

Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay, CA

John McDonald

The Road to Haa, Bhutan

John McDonald