#Mask_erpiece Challenge

#Mask_erpiece Challenge

MarinMOCA and ExtraFood team up to raise money for food delivery

MarinMOCA and ExtraFood are harnessing the creative power of artists to raise money to feed the needy in Marin County. Masks are becoming required facial gear, and with the #Mask_erpiece challenge we can raise money, and have some fun! For every #Mask_erpiece which is posted on social media, a group of generous donors will contribute $5, for a total of $5,000 to ExtraFood. ExtraFood is serving on the front lines of this crisis by rescuing food and delivering freshly-made meals to Marin’s food-insecure population through over 100 local safety net partners.

You can help this effort in several ways. Make a #Mask_erpiece: 1) Make a mask out of anything, 2) Make it an art piece, 3) Post a photo, along with the hashtag #mask_erpiece, to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Check out some of the clever masks here on Instagram.

Or, if you are artistically-challenged, you can donate directly to this effort by navigating to https://give.extrafood.org/marinmoca to donate to the #Mask_erpiece Challenge fund.

Says ExtraFood Founder and CEO, Marv Zauderer, “During this crisis, ExtraFood is quickly leveraging its nimble model to increase our response to the needs of our community.”

MarinMOCA’s Executive Director Nancy Rehkopf adds “Art can lift the spirits, inspire the mind, and calm our fears. We are so pleased to unleash the creativity of MarinMOCA’s members to share their artistry and help raise money for food delivery during this time of great need.”

Thank you for participating and let's have some fun!