Artist In Residence

2019 Artist In Residence: Ellie Fritz

Studio E, 781 Hamilton Parkway, MarinMOCA Campus, Novato

Ellie Fritz produces large scale works on paper and panel that combine various printmaking techniques with painting and drawing. She has exhibited in venues around the nation including in New York at Art On Paper, Miami at Context Art Fair, Art Market San Francisco and Minnesota Street Project in San Francisco, California. Fritz completed both her BFA (2004) and MFA (2008) at San Francisco Art Institute and has received several honors, including the Spring Show award (2004) and a Teaching Assistantship (2008).  

During her MarinMOCA residency Fritz will continue the exploration of her interdisciplinary practice merging painting, drawing and printmaking.  Working with embossing techniques on paper and using raw canvas, the work will culminate in a series of large scale paintings exhibited with other works on paper. These works combine paint, charcoal, dry pigment and various printmaking techniques. The pieces evolve through processes of physical interactions working with two extremes: the weight of impression and the levity of erasure. The studio serves as a lab yielding to process and improvisation.

In addition to time spent in the studio, Ellie will teach several workshops that embrace alternative methods of mark making. These workshops can accommodate artists at any level of practice. Through a variety of materials including ink, paint, charcoal and graphite, students will explore visual language and create works that are strong both conceptually and aesthetically. Students will be encouraged to explore alternative means of generating work while also identifying new dimensions in their own creativity. 



2020 Artist In Residence: Jeff Downing

Project Statement

"As a society, we have become more environmentally conscious and better informed about the effect our lifestyles can have on the world around us. At the same time, the global demand for water, our most valuable natural resource, continues to grow, while our local supplies are threatened by prolonged drought conditions. Even though water covers so much of the earth’s surface, less than one percent is available for human consumption, and yet, according to the latest U.S. Geological Survey report, the United States uses 322 billion gallons a day. It’s incumbent on us all to protect this valuable natural resource for future generations."

During his term as an artist in residence, Downing plans to make a series of Aqua Metric Markers and a series of Terra Metric Markers that he will install and photo-document in three separate waterfront locations. Viewing the work with water tidelines, floodplains, or lakeshores in the background, the work will function as as a gauge of water levels to be recorded against the horizon lines on the markers. The purpose is to bring awareness to how water is valued and conserved in our environment.