Artist In Residence

2018 Artist In Residence: The Artist Hines

"Eclecticism - The Unadulterated Works of The Artist Hines"
The Artist In Residence exhibit is located in the museum's Second Floor Gallery

Exhibit dates: October 20 - December 23
Artist Reception on Saturday, November 17 from 5:00-7:00pm

This exhibition is a rare opportunity to see the true diversity of Hines’ work and get a glimpse into the eclectic mind of MarinMOCA’s Artist In Residence. During his one-year residency Hines has produced beautiful intuitive abstract paintings as well as intriguing figurative and narrative works.

Hines states, “My residency at MarinMOCA has been incredibly rewarding. I have benefited from both having an available space to produce my artwork and the positive influences of a supportive community of artists. My creativity oscillates from one extreme to another, not frivolously but out of an earnest need for free creative expression. I have long since relinquished any commitment to a single genre knowing that it would only lead to stifling my creativity. Realism, and the narrative figurative works, satisfy my analytic need for rendering detail and my love of surrealism. Abstraction, on the other hand, satisfies a very strong need I have for complete freedom when it comes to creative expression.”