Vision & Values

. . . assuring organizational integrity and transparency
As we reflect on our history of providing high-quality exhibition and education programs in Marin, we are thinking critically about how we have advanced social equity and justice in our community. We stand in solidarity with those who endeavor to change racist practices and to provide equal treatment and opportunity for all. Through our Social Justice Committee, we are developing initiatives to bring more leaders of color onto our boards and committees and more diverse artists into our membership. We are participating in necessary conversations and actions that must take place in the coming days, months, and years to eliminate racism. As a museum that serves Marin County and regions beyond, our focus is on how we can amplify the voices and experiences of artists of color who live and work right here in our local area. We will remain committed to integrating this focus into our exhibitions and educational programs to address the injustices of the past and to create a shared vision of a just, inclusive future for all.

MarinMOCA Vision and Values

• Making art and artistic expression accessible to all members of our community
• Pioneering a collaborative model between artists and museums
• Encouraging diverse perspectives and provocative ideas
• Creating educational opportunities for children, families, and adults
• Championing artists of diverse cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, race, and sexual orientation
• Upholding professional standards and fiscal prudence
• Assuring organizational integrity, transparency, inclusiveness and social justice