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Large Format Abstract Painting

Large Format Abstract Painting

Five Fridays, April 19 - May 17; 2 - 5pm

Instructor: Hilary Maslon


This class is designed to help artists loosen up, access one’s intuition and explore abstraction. Using large canvases and unconventional tools such as squeegees, rollers, rags and large brushes, you will drip, splatter and layer to discover new exciting relationships through the dialogue of mark making.

At the same time, Hilary will guide you in the fundamentals of art: such as composition, shape, color relationships, and spatial awareness, and examine how abstraction is elemental in all pictorial art - representational as well as abstract. She will also familiarize the class to the exciting and wide range of contemporary abstraction.

Novice as well as experienced artists are welcome.

Hilary Maslon is an abstract painter with an MFA from Queens College, Flushing Queens, NY. She has taught art, both figurative and abstract, in NYC, Oxford Mississippi and the SF Bay Area and has exhibited internationally. You can see her work at

Fee: Members $400; Non-members $460

Where:  MarinMOCA, 781 Hamilton Parkway, Novato (building behind Beso Cafe)

Materials List

In the first two classes we will be working with acrylic to form our base. For the following classes some other paints and materials may be suggested and you are welcome to use oils at this point if you prefer.

Good sources for supplies are Riley’s Art Supply or Blicks - either in the Bay Area stores, or online at, and they should have the materials I am suggesting.

Please bring the following to the first class:

Canvas: approx. size 30” by 36”

Other sizes are fine but please no squares and hopefully you can afford to get canvas with at least 1” depth, as the very shallow canvasses tend to press up against the stretchers with pressure, making marks and tear easily.

Acrylic Paints:

Please buy Blickryic student body (best quality with reasonable price) unless you feel like splurging for professional grade. But, unlike a lot of student grade acrylics, Blick has good pigmentation and I often paint with them. Do not buy hues.

These are based on Blickrylic colors:

16 Oz bottles of:

Bright red                                   

Venetian Red

Primary blue

Pthylo Blue

Primary yellow

Chrome orange

Raw Umber

32 Oz bottle of   Titaniam white

Liquitex acrylic medium - glossy, or flat, personal choice. 16 oz bottle

3 standard size 3” pallet knives

Brushes:  #12 flat, #10 flat, #6 Flat, #4 Round.

Pallet - 12” by 16” paper pallet is fine (do not buy smaller)

9” by 12” watercolor or multimedia paper drawing book

# 2 drawing pencil

At hardware stores please get:

Bondo spreaders - come in a package of 3 at hardware stores

Chip brushes sz # 2”, # 3” and # 4”

Soft, thin cotton rags - an old cotton sheet or t-shirt is perfect. We will use these a lot so bring plenty

4 quart size plastic containers for water and for mixing - such as a large size yogurt container. 


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