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Sacred Heart & Mask Making in the Mexican Tradition Workshop

Sacred Heart & Mask Making in the Mexican Tradition Workshop

ZOOM Workshop: Tuesday, May 4; 1:00 - 3:00pm

Instructor: Diego Marcial Rios


The workshop begins with a history of paper mache art in Mexico, and brief historical summaries of the Sacred Heart/Milagros and Dia de los Muertos in Mexican culture.

Skulls and heart forms are very popular icons that people love to create and decorate. The Sacred Hearts/Milagros are religious folk charms used for healing purposes. The Aztecas viewed the human skull as a symbol of power and re-birth. These icons are of huge significance in the Mexican and Chicano communities.

Diego will create a mask on camera, while you create your own mask along with him.

He will give all the necessary information and "trade secrets" for creating art in the paper mache media. This workshop is hands-on mask making, so get ready to get messy!

Diego Marcial Rios received his B.F.A. at the University of California, Berkeley. He has exhibited his work at the National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago; Sonoma Art Center; Expressions Art Gallery, Berkeley.

Cardboard pre-forms (heart and skull) will need to be picked up at MarinMOCA prior to the class.

Materials list:

*  flour, 1–2 lbs.

*  water

*  salt

*  paper shreds - phonebook or newspaper)

*  plastic container

*  gesso paint

*  acrylic or tempera paint

*  brushes

*  toilet paper (trade secret)

*  cardboard pre-forms (picked up at MarinMOCA prior to class)

Registration fee:  Members $25; Non-members $30


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