Open Studios



                      In conjunction with the opening night party for our ART FWD Annual Benefit Art Auction, visit artists in their studios on the MarinMOCA campus! 

                       Open Studios will take place on Saturday, September 10, 2-8pm and Sunday, September 11, 11am - 5pm. For more information visit: Event page

500 Palm Drive First Floor 

100     Carolyn Wheeler, mosaics, mixed media 

101     Louis Bording, abstract painting 

101     Beryl Miller, abstract painting

102     The Artist Hines, painting

103A   Kathleen Lack, oil painting

103B   Virginia Simpson-Magruder, mixed media

104A   Donna Solin, painting, pastel

106     Jane Liston, painting

106     Linda Olive, oil painting

108     Suzanne Golt, painting

113     Wendy Ricks, mixed media

500 Palm Drive Second Floor 

201     Linda Larsen, oil painting, mixed media 

202     Pat Doherty, oil painting

204     Louise Maloof, mixed media, painting

206     Carolyn Robbins, mixed media

209     Colleen Johnson, pastel, acrylic

210     Linda Mueller, mixed media, painting

            501 Palm Drive 

3         Jane Reed Veen, painting

4         Hannah Rosenberg, painting, mixed media

8         Dianne Hull, oil painting




781 Hamilton Parkway 

A       Sue Dedina, water color, mixed media

B/C    Elise Cheval, textile, painting, origami

D       Jeff Downing, ceramic sculpture

E       Lauren Szabo, painting

F       Hilary Maslon, painting

G       Sarah Gorman-Brown, painting

H       Ann Brooks, textiles, jewelry

I        Habib Hastaie, painting, sculpture

J        Cindy Imhoff-Bruininks, painting, installation

K       Kit Shepard, painting

L        Ursula Cipa, painting


789 Hamilton Parkway 

A       Colette Battaglia, encaustic, mixed media                    

D       William Otton, oil painting

G       Janet Bogardus, painting

H       Lisa Cochran, photography

K       Kathleen Taylor, painting

L        Susan Bahary, sculpture

M      Patrick Carpenter, mixed media 

O       Patricia Leeds, mixed media, encaustic