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Contemporary Plein Air Painting

Contemporary Plein Air Painting

Four Saturdays, May 28 - June 18; 11am - 5pm

Instructor: Lauren Szabo, Artist in Residence


Through demonstrations and one-on-one tutoring, students will investigate today's natural and hybridized landscape within approaches of contemporary painting from observation. Students will explore techniques for painting methodically    on location and outside of the studio. Individual portfolio progress will be emphasized.

Lauren is MarinMOCA’S Artist in Residence, 2022.Visit her website at:    

Where: Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, 781 Hamilton Parkway, Novato

(building behind Beso Café)

Fee: Members $350 for four weeks, or $100 per session

        Non-members: $400 for four weeks, or $120 per session 

Materials List (for those who need it):

  • Acrylic or oil paint (see below for specific colors)

  • Brushes - of varying shapes and sizes

  • Gamsol or Turpenoid (oil paints only - NO TURPENTINE!!)

  • Closed container for solvents (oil paints only)/Water container (acrylic only)

  • Sketchbook/pencil/pen

  • Medium(s) / Additives:

  1. Acrylic glazing medium or fluid medium by Liquitex or Golden, preferably satin.

  2. For oils please get linseed oil OR, you are welcome to try out any of these following

faster drying mediums:
- Galkyd (synthetic, fast drying, glossy, consistency of honey, low odor)
- Galkyd Light (synthetic, thinner than Galkyd, faster drying, less sticky, low odor) - Liquin (synthetic, fast drying, satiny finish, gel-like, low odor)

• Spray bottle (acrylics only)
• Palette knife (metal)
• Palette: paper palette, metal palette (for oils) or “Sta-Wet” palette
• Canvases in various sizes (see each project for sizes - it’s best to buy or make canvases closer to the project rather than buying all at once). Paper or canvas boards ok. I recommend 11x14 inches as a standard size when on location.
• Water container (acrylics only)
• “The Masters” brush cleaner and preserver (optional)
• 3-inch sponge brush (optional - acrylics only)
• Painters tape
• Supply box

Suggested paint colors (colors with an * are the necessary minimum): Reds

  • Alizarin Crimson*

  • Cadmium Red Medium*

    Optional: Quinacridone Magenta and Cadmium Red Light

    • Cadmium Yellow Light or Lemon Yellow • Cadmium Yellow Medium*
    Optional: Yellow Ochre


  • Ultramarine Blue*

  • Cobalt Blue

  • Pthalo Blue (Red Shade)

Greens (all are pretty much optional since you can make a green...) • Pthalo Green (Red Shade) or similar cool green
• Pthalo Green (Yellow Shade) or similar warm green Optional: Olive Green, Jenkins Green, Hookers Green, Green Gold

• Burnt Umber*
• Burnt Sienna Optional: Van Dyke Brown


  • Titanium White*

  • Optional: Zinc White, Dioxazine Purple, Cadmium Orange or similar orange

    Easel to paint outside
    -Open Box M has some great options (professional grade) *You may also need a tripod for some of these options to mount the setup
    -Blick should have some Pochade Boxes as well that could be more economical


    ***Some practical suggestions:

    Layers of clothing
    Water / Snacks / Lunch
    Hand Sanitizer
    Sanitizing Wipes to wipe down surfaces Face Mask

    Note: You may or may not want a stool or chair. I suggest painting while standing, however take care of yourselves. Keep in mind you will need to carry everything to our locations. You may also wish to have a rolling cart for terrain that allows it, although is not necessary.




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