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MarinMOCA Critique Seminar

MarinMOCA Critique Seminar

Seminar #2: October 5 & 19, 2 - 5pm

Moderator: Lauren Szabo


Limited to 8 artists per seminar                                                                                                                                        

Course Description: Critique is a fundamental method of learning where a group of artists present completed works or works in progress to one another to gain feedback on how the work is “read”, and in addition, how to progress further. A productive and essential format for any working artist, this method also encourages verbal articulation, accountability, and communication development around art making.

This seminar is a platform that enhances the conceptual and technical content of the artwork, helps draw connections through historical and contemporary references, and aims to bridge the gap between your studio, your audience, and the greater art world. Open to all levels of experience, specializing, but not limited to the discipline of painting. Individual portfolio progress will be emphasized.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes: 

Foster on campus artist community engagement.

Develop critical assessment skills (both aesthetic and conceptual) in group critiques.

Develop and refine the relationship between form and subject matter in their work.

Critique Etiquette:

Attend both meetings for the month.

Give some amount of constructive feedback to each presenting artist and/or ask constructive questions.

When presenting, come with ideas, questions, and/or inquiry about what sort of feedback you would like to receive.

Format: Two bi-monthly, three-hour meetings (6 hours / month) with eight participants. Four artists will present per session.

Eligibility: Priority goes to on campus tenants that are also members. If the roster is not full, eligibility will open to off campus members and on campus non-members. If there is a waitlist, those who have yet to show will get priority for the following month (potentially rotating group each month if demand asks for a three month pilot period).


  • Arrival, Meet in Classroom, 10 minutes
  • First Presenter, 30 minutes
  • 10 minute break
  • Second Presenter, 30 minutes
  • 20 minute break
  • Third Presenter, 30 minutes
  • 10 minute break
  • Fourth Presenter, 30 minutes
  • Classroom discussion, wrap, 10 minutes                       

Where: Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, 781 Hamilton Parkway, Novato (building behind Beso Café)

Fee:      Free for members; Non-members $15

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