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Nance Miller

Sausalito, CA

My paintings are pictures of the way I experience the world. I see colors all around me, hues of every sort. They are swirled in my emotions and then splayed across my canvas. Many of the canvases are done with only my hands, no brushes. I love the feel of moving the pigment with my fingers, smudging a bold mark in with the palm of my hand, dabbling with the edge of my pinky those smallest of details, listening to the color and the balance,
following the dance. I know it is time to stop for the day when I start to realize where I am and what I am doing.

I have been painting since I was a small child - always being drawn to the feel of paint and mark making. While most of my degrees are in Education, I had the good fortune to study art in France - painting in the South, and drawing in Paris.
I have five years of professional experience in painting and mixed media, as well as 30+ years experience teaching, eight of that specifically in the arts, and ten years in running an international non-profit art exchange program. I seek to interact with people through art. I make statements on human connectivity, communication, and the beauty of the natural world.
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