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Novato, California

The foundation for my work, whether representational or abstract, has always been beauty. Beauty is a state of mind that can be seen everywhere and in anything; the curve of a figure, the surface of an object or a bold stroke of color. Fluctuating between abstraction and realism allows me the full expression of my talents but also philosophical and aesthetic expression as well. Abstraction provides the opportunity for my artistic improvisation on canvas while representational painting allows me to focus on the more academic traditional disciplines of painting. Both forums help embrace and express my personal philosophies on life and love.

I was born and raised in New York City. I began as a pencil artist producing meticulous figurative and surrealistic renderings on paper. In 1994 while living in Atlanta Georgia I began exploring oil painting resulting in the creation of my figurative and erotic surrealistic works on canvas. In 2001 my work shifted towards abstraction, inspired by my need for greater expression and my study of the New York school of abstract expressionism. In 2003 I moved to the San Francisco Bay area and began regularly exhibiting his abstract works. 2012 marked my return to representational painting with works that displayed my love of the figure and need for eclectic allegorical expression.

Hines teaches Mastering Acrylic Painting every Tuesday at Riley Street Art Supplies in San Raphael. He also teaches drawing and painting at San Quentin Prison through the William James Association. Hines is the former President and Treasurer of The Artists Guild of San Francisco. Hines lives in Sausalito, California with his wife Dinene and son Emmett.

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The Precarious Dilemma of Fragility

The Artist Hines

Allegory of A Cello Player

The Artist Hines