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Dana Christensen

Sausalito, United States

I work primarily in monochrome, with emphasis on light and shadow. I love the play of dark against light and the clarity of angles and shapes that emerge once color is removed. I am excited by the drama of pure blacks against clean whites and I strive to put a touch of melancholy or mystery into many of my images.
Recently, alternative processes have become the core focus of my photography. Platinum/palladium printing, invented in the 1850’s, offers a range of tonality and archival quality that can’t be found in other forms of photography. Copper plate photogravure, another traditional technique, is aesthetically appealing to me. The rich velvety matte surface, deep shadows, delicate half tones, and luminous highlights of photogravures are incomparably beautiful, and the range of lush papers, both Western and Eastern, present their own journey of discovery every time I print.

I consider myself to be a self taught artist, although I credit much of what I know to workshops that I’ve attended with people who are masters of their craft.
I spent much of my early life as a photographer on the East Coast, exploring the architecture of the cities and the aging infrastructure of small towns left behind by change. Coming west, I fell in love with the vast open spaces and the contrast between the sea, the mountains, and the inland deserts. I am constantly searching for scenes, whether in nature or created by humans, that convey timelessness but also express the impermanence of the world as we know it. My goal as a fine art photographer and printmaker is to create a vision of place or object that may feel familiar but brings a unique interpretation to the viewer.

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