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Robin A Dintiman

Oakland, CA

I work out of necessity to articulate life’s complexity.
I find reverie in the natural environment. I am sure it is the “waitingness” of it, as well as the “beckoning forth”, that allows me a safe haven. This natural environment is our home. The pace of it is slow, enduring, allowing space for vulnerability. Vulnerability and the intimacy created by this grace of space is the human condition.
We share loss. We are most vulnerable, at a loss for words.
This current work reflects the time following loss of a number of family members. I was rendered raw, naked by the losses. The Bardo death, metaphorically is a space of time after loss when usual life activities become suspended. This altered state of reality is described thru visual, visceral images. Artists have explored “altered states” of reality for years. e.g. Nauman, Polke, have augmented their creative paths with hallucinogens.
An altered state of reality is generative, transformative and unique; yet, a universal visual language can create a bridge for communication.
My camera is a sketchbook. A daily journaling of glimpses, barely audible sights that are not articulate to consciousness. Rather a flow of preconscious suggestions to inform with meaning at a later date.
And objects found in my path become curious with memory when worked into my process. The intense physicality in nature; the shear will of it’s materials; a material will is what is most riveting.
My experience with textiles, traditional processes such as bronze casting and all forms of printmaking, and photography
allows me to move from process work, to assemblage and conceptual. Many years of teaching in the Bay Area and New York have connected me with the human condition in a very personal way. Being an environmental activist doing clean up with hair mats for oil spills on the Bay or protesting the successfully the Anti-Fracking in New York State, my intimate
knowledge of geography, climate, flora and fauna informs my work. "Solastalgia" , grieving for the loss of our Earth's resources is a theme that is constant. We all share this concern, it is universal.

I have been a bi-coastal artist for 45 years: teaching for 45 years, maintained my studio in West Oakland since 1979.
I am a member of the South End Rowing and Swim Club in SF since 1996, a Pacific Masters member since 1988 and compeated in world class events such as Maui Channel Swim, Waikiki, Manhattan Marathon and Brooklyn. Bridge
My textile manufacturing company, Dintiman Designs, thrived in Petaluma for 20 years employing local artisans.
I have done service for non profit art organizations like Sebastapol Center for the Arts, Delaware Valley Arts Alliance,
Manhattan Graphics Center and the Renaissance Arts School; community arts organizations are a commitment.

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